Falling petals


...Nature is a language you cannot choose

it can spread out such beauty!

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying this nude-black look in the daylight.



Shared secrets


I must admit that I like to keep secrets for the evolution of a private and secret world that I own, but I´m going to share a cuople of them with you.

The hunt has been successful! I found the bag for the summer in my favorite second-hand store in Stockholm: Judits.
You may not beleave it, but that´s not the only one you should never miss. All over the city there are, the so called, Stadsmissionen stores. Full of second-hand clothes, accesories, even vintage plates, so full that you have to try and be patient and selective enought to find beauties like my grandpa style shorts.



Just relax, chill out


Rob, steal, deprive, you can refere to this action with whichever term you may choose, but the result always works for me.
This winter I came across a necklace lost in a box at my mother's. She bought it almost thirty years ago and I thought I might give it a try and new life, so I took it.
As I had predicted, as soon as my mother saw my new accesorie, she told me she might want to wear it this summer.


Här kommer solen

Yes, drinking that first, second, third... black coffe in the sun is always le pleasure of this new season. Even better if you do it after getting a treat from Grandpa at Södermannagatan or one of the many second hand stores that are dispersed all over the beautiful island of Södermalm.



An intoduction to Stockholm


Add hills to a denim mini-skirt nd just cover it all with a black hat.

Being up north can be like going back in time temperaturewise, stationwise. So here I am in spring wearing a scarf and covering my head from the cold air of Stockholm.