Black enough

Black enough for me

Black enough to see

Black enough to be


Summer is strange

Many people take it like a game but the summer is more than that, whenever we are living it we never wanna quit.


one HOT piece of...

In DAYs like these I need nothing but a silky night suit to combine with the heating concrete while heading to the city.


Like a lollipop

Who doesn't remember those patterned suits from the seventies that our mothers would keep on wearing?
This one is like a lollipop, I just want to eat it up!


New York on his mind

... but not exclusively because the will to keep up to his mother's words -"You always wanna look your best cause just in case some ill fate should befall you, you will have a smart looking corpse(...)"- is making Claudius this handsome.

And I'll never thank Jesus but I will thank everybody's lack of shyness.


Northern Hemisphere

The time has come for this side of the earth to turn towards the sun and feel the warmth that it spreads and get blinded by the summer light.