The road at my door


Will the day's vanity be the night's remorse?

When the light doesn't let us see ourselves and the darkness of the night punishes our confronted thoughts.


In tune

Be merry and well...................

................on Christmas Day


Rainy night and early wisdom

For some the coming of wisdom takes time, but I find wisdom can be fresh and young. This image shows both. Even old wisdom turned new as old lady charm; navy-blue knitted sweater over brown patterned blouse, covered in necklaces.


More is less


Cold has come and the more furs on me the less freezing it gets. Last years trend has grown considerably this winter.

As Newland Archer declares in The age of innocence: "Everything is labeled, but everybody is not. ...." This statement might be confirmed by the fact that in this film there is more to enjoy than merely a good story and exciting performances because the wardrobe furs are provided by FENDI.