Julia dream


dreamboat queen

queen of all my dreams


Extra charm in eXtra Large

The man in me is acting out!

Fitting an XL menswear ts as a dress

Easy on, easy off


Waiting for the sun

Someday the sun will shine

just not today,

clouds and the threat of rain

is the scene of a summer afternoon in a Stockolm suburb.


A girl with a plan


I'm going to continue sticking my nose into vintage material till I feel I've had enough, that being never. Specially after finding these Christian Lacroix sunglasses from the late 70ies that had been lost for years in the basement of a napolitan store.


"Is fashion such a serious consideration?"


"Among those who have nothing more serious to consider."


Watching flowers move

This organic pattern has the smell of those old sofas and curtains that still decorate more than a few grandmothers' livingrooms and we never seem to forget.
It also has a taste of psychedelia and a touch of heat from the Caribbean. Nice coctail!