Almost naked


I wonder if I am the only one who takes pleasure in wearing a garment which fabric is so thin that it feels just like being out almost naked.


I look good and I make a difference

Jag är snygg och gör skillnad = I look good and I make a difference. This is a very nice and simple statement for a shopping bag from a supermarket. Even more when I think of all the Swedes that, on a daily basis, look good and make such a difference that I can't stop staring, enjoying and admiring. ..



Contact the ground


It really is nice, feeling the ground underneath one's weight. We seem to forget little by little about the way things are near the ground. It has to do with the process of growing up and growing apart from it. The world that we know as children is the ground world full of small, but usually huge, animals, flowers, rocks, sand, grass.... remember?


Be quiet, be cool!


Oh, they cannot look more gorgeous, charming and chic!

This quiet scene is ruled not only by sheer chance but also by colour contrast; the light sienna wall, that matches up with the blouse of the long haired lady from the left, and the predominance of black and dark blue in accessories and jeans concludes in a perfefct balance.

They look so careless and unaware of their charisma as a group, that they can make you feel secretly satiated and peacefully content as anonimous voyeur.


Sweet taste

It is funny how much I feel attracted to colours and shapes at cake shops, though I don´t usually savour them. They are always appealing to my senses, but only visually.