Black on top of black


I used to be really afraid of black. There was never any light, nor shapes coming out from any black fabric but it was my perfect outfit for an anonymous day when I wanted to be left alone and I thought no one could see me if I was dressed in black.
Now I notice black all the time and I get lost in its infinite waves.


In the neighbourhood

November in Hökarängen. I never go out if the light is gone and it has been gone for a long time now in this land of darkness and mist. But a day has come when I see blue in the sky and the light covers everything with colour, like water covers the ocean.

I keep my feelings inside the fridge, so that nothing burns me.

But life gets warmer and melts the ice spreading the heat around me.


How grey was the sky

No sign of light would be seen

the air, grey air

...the hopes, grey

not a ray of light,

till rain comes.


See Emelie play

I am not the only one stealing from the chest. Emelie has borrowed, not only dreams but also, a navy silk blouse from grandma and added some messy gold jewellery, which is exactly what was missing.


Ladies on stage!


It really is something how the hair colour can work like another garment.