Past present


New things are always shiny to my eyes. This fox fur collar is an old, turned new, accessory that I love having bumped into in a very special store in San Sebastian, just before I was leaving to Stockholm a few weeks ago. It is called Pas Si Simple and apart from having regular collections, it also keeps a great selection of vintage items from London and Paris.


Dark shades


I'm all about the light, understood as colours, and many times I have rejected those reluctant to play with them. But I have to admit that the richness of the grey world is giving me a sense of warmth lately.


If I could just touch the hem of her garment


And I did touch that soft, thick, sweet, blue silk that floted around Eva's body.


Another summer gone


The image of a solitary man could be sad, could be romantic, could be evocative, could be pleasant, could be new.....

Now the summer is gone, there is another to come.

It is too late to regret

...what is gone will be no more.


Slightly different


This is why it is so much FUN to style a day. Even though we may play with the same elements , it can always turn out as something different and new. And of course, other backgrounds with various textures and colours.


Mustard blue with palm trees


They probably don't realise it, but the three of them make a perfect match; the wallpaper shirt covered by plain mustard, ending with a pair of blue shoes.


Colouring suburbia


This is what I've been doing lately, neglecting the blog, waiting to catch the next train. And I'm still not sure when it is going to arrive, so I'm going to continue swimming between two waters.

Today I feel that I have the world under my feet, everything is a posibility to be chosen.
I'll keep my eyes open.